Chronicles of a Divorcee: Dare to get Married, Again? 😯

I love that my chronicles are getting lighter with time! Sheesh, we are way passed the heavy drama thank God and we are on to some jolly good fun times! I’m excited! However, I will admit it’s a little scary to think about marriage when day in and day out you read about how miserable some folks are in their marriages and you start to wonder why the hell people even congratulate you for getting married when it’s such a tumultuous institution. But then I look at the society we are living in and it all suddenly makes sense. Because I have been on the other side of the fence before, it’s a little easier for me to sift through the mess that society has made of humans…or should that be the other way round?? 

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Zed Gossip Girl – Cup 1

I am coming to you live from Univille. Univille is like the most popular, number one exclusive University in the country. Thousands fight to get a place here and don’t get me started on what some girls do just to ensure they secure themselves a place at this elite school. If you go to any club, workplace or church and tell them you’re from Univille, they’ll let you right through to their VIP sections…of course in church they’ll be rushing to pray for you, binding all them demons that people say students at this school have.

I am your Zed Gossip Girl 😉

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