That Withering Sweet-Scented Bundle of Nature

For most people, there is that glowing moment in your heart when you receive roses especially on Valentine’s Day. Sadly…for me that moment is always short-lived; from an instantaneous feeling of gratitude towards the sender’s thoughtfulness to an extremely dreadful feeling of loss. Of course this feeling is heightened by the fact that for the next few days or weeks I will have to watch the beautiful bundle of flowers lose their battle against the forces of nature as if not so long ago they had not been a glorious part of it. IMG_1046

Unlike most people, my thoughts operate on a whole level of their own. Where most will see a flourishing love in that bright bunch of red roses sitting there…taking in the pleasure from its sweet scented nature…I mostly see death, loss…something I do not wish to associate with my love. The wilting and withering nature of roses really scares me. The hardest part is throwing away the fossils of that symbolic show of love. Even though the idea of them turning into mature and giving rise to new life should be enough to warm my heart…it doesn’t!

For a while, I have entertained the idea of receiving fake flowers for my graduation, anniversaries, and all other such celebrations. I actually think that I would love that more than I would a fresh bunch of roses! Indeed, I have on many occasions certified as an absolute strange species.

I think I need a few more reasons to start appreciating flowers a little more. Don’t you think so? 🙂

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