Echoes of the Heart – Part 10

Final image - Echoes of the Heart
“May I help you?” Asked the man that had opened the small pedestrian gate of the house Sibu was parked in front of, obviously mistaking her for a guest.

Sibu rolled down her window and said, “Sorry, I think I got the wrong address. The house I am looking for should be a couple of blocks behind…I must have passed…really sorry for the inconvinience.”

She then reversed onto the street and drove back in the direction she had come, all the while keeping check for any vehicle that might be following her.

Later that evening, Martin came to collect Jacob so he could spend the night at his place before he left with his mother the next morning. Sibu had to fight the urge to talk to him about having been followed because she feared Martin would take that as licence to involve himself in the affairs of her life under the guise of protecting her and his son.

Once Martin and Jacob were gone, Sibu called Sibeso to offload.

“I don’t even think today was the first time Sibe,” she told her friend. “You remember that day I went to see my aunt, while I was parked by the roadside watching her store, I had seen that same vehicle parked behind me and when I looked, I found some strange guy looking directly at me. I just brushed it aside, didn’t think much of it although the guy did give me the creeps. When I was done with my aunt, I found himhe still parked there except this time he made himself busy reading a newspaper.”

“Are you sure it was the same vehicle?” Sibeso said from the other end of the line. “It could have just been some random person parked behind you. Who would be following you around really?”

“That’s what I also want to know,” Sibu replied. “I am very sure it was the same blue car. That first time I was able to see the driver’s face through the windscreen but not this time…but I am very positive it is the same car.”

“Maybe it’s Maleficent,” Sibeso suggested. “She is the only species I can think of in your life capable of doing such a crazy thing. Maybe she is trying to dig up some dirt on you so you can get her son full custody of Jake.”

“I thought about that too…she is the only one that came to mind. Aunt Tafadzwa is too money hungry to hire someone with such an expensive ride just to follow me around. Unless I really managed to piss her off when I declared war against her and this is her sick and twisted way of getting revenge.”

Ummm,” Sibeso said. “I doubt its Maxine, that one is the juju voodoo kind of person,” and laughing, she added, “She would rather get a quick fix than waste time following you around, for what?”

Sibu let out an airy laugh. “You are right. But this thing is really making me nervous.”

“You will be out of town by tomorrow so you wont have to deal with Maleficent’s nonsense for some time…unless the stalker decides to follow you to South Africa…then we will know it’s Martin that hired him to spy on you and Ted.”

“Martin is immature but I know for a fact he isn’t capable of such craziness.”

“He did hire a PI to look into you before, didn’t he?” Sibeso reminded her. “Isn’t that the same kind of crazy?”

“Ah,” Sibu sighed. “I just don’t know what to think any more. It’s not like I am some rich person or the daughter of some rich guy and…Sibeso…” she paused in mid-sentence, her voice dropping to a whisper towards the end.

“What is it Sibu?” Sibeso asked, her voice filled with concern. “Did he follow you home? Why have you gone quite? Sibu…should I call the police for you? If you can’t talk just say ‘um’ and I will know. Can you hear me?”

“Sibeso,” Sibu said in a very low register. “Could it be my father?”

“What?” Sibeso was caught by surprise. Sibu’s father was a forbidden topic between them. Sibu had never initiated talk of her father before.

“What if it’s him?” Sibu asked again.

“After all these years Sibu, what could he possibly be looking for? It’s not like you have any more kidneys left to give if he’s looking for a donor. Besides, didn’t your aunt say he was some poor bloke who ran away because he couldn’t afford such a huge responsibility as a child? What would a guy like that be doing driving around a Jaguar?”

“Maybe he has money, it’s been twenty-eight years since.” Sibu said.

Sibeso scoffed. “Yeah right, if he is rich, then I am Jill Gates, Bill’s long lost daughter. Stop killing yourself over who might be following you. If they meant to do you any harm, they would have done so by now. I am sure it’s Maleficent. We all knew that eventually that Botox would launch a war against her brain. She’s finally lost it.”

“I hope you are right,” Sibu said unconvincingly.

“Of course I am right,” Sibeso replied with conviction. “What time should I come to pick you up for the airport tomorrow?”

“Ten,” Sibu replied. “Martin will bring Jacob straight to the airport since he’s spending the night with him.”

“What if he decides to hold him hostage so he can keep you from leaving?” Sibeso asked.

“He wouldn’t do that Sibe. You really sound like an anti-fan these days,” Sibu said. “Aren’t you the same person that used to get excited every time you heard his name?”

“I was a kid then!” Sibeso yelled, obviously embarrassed by the memory. “Blame it on the raging hormones. It was better before I knew him personally. Knocking up that crazy bitch was the last straw for me. I just feel like kicking him in the nuts every time I lay eyes on him so he can never breed again.”

Sibu chuckled. “You are nuts my friend. Go and attend to your hubby before he starts wondering about who’s keeping you busy this late. Goodnight, see you tomorrow.”

“Goodnight sweetie. I love you, sweet dreams.”

Sibu laughed. “You are doing that for the benefit of your husband isn’t it?”

Sibeso laughed back. “Kaili…you know,” she said. “He is busy giving me the eye so I had to thicken the plot for his imagination.” She whispered into the phone.

“I give up,” Sibu said laughing. “Goodnight, love you too. I will see you tomorrow.”
“Didn’t think I was just gonna drop Jake off and leave did you?” Martin said to Sibu.

They were standing outside while Sibeso and Jacob remained inside to wait for the check-in call.

Sibu was not surprised by Martin’s behavior. She had expected that much from him. If he would have it his way, he would also move to South Africa for the whole year.

“I will be popping in and out of SA to see you guys. There is no way I am going to let a whole year go by without seeing my son.”

“I know, you have every right to,” she told him.

“For real? You don’t mind?” He had not expected her to agree so easily.

“Why would I mind?” she said. “As long as you stay out of my life and just do what you came to do.” That sobered him up immediately. “What?” Sibu said upon seeing his reaction. “You had other ideas in your head didn’t you?” She called him out.

“I can try to accept the idea of you seeing other men Sibu…but not Ted, please.” He pleaded.

Sibu stifled a scowl. They were back to that topic again. “I already told you that nothing is going on between Ted and I.”

“Yet, nothing is going on yet but I know for a fact that Ted loves you. He told me to my face so many times and he had been waiting all these years for me to screw up so he can make a move. You are not going to date him, are you?” He was searching her face. “I am begging you Sibu…not Ted.”

“Why do you hate Ted so much?” Sibu asked. “You two used to be so close for so long.”

“I hate him because he is a better man than I am,” Martin confessed. “That fact pisses me off real bad. I hate him because I know he can easily take you away from me. If I had played a fair game back then, you would have gone to him and not me. I knew that and so I took you on that trip to Livingstone. He had openly told me how he felt about you the night before we traveled…I couldn’t let him have you.”

Sibu didn’t know what to say in response. She already knew that Ted had feelings for her, but only so much as a crush and not anything deep. But listening to Martin, she was for the very first time learning about just how deep his feelings might be.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about that.

“Sibu, did you even hear a single word I said?” Martin called her back from her reverie. “Were you thinking about Ted?”

“No, of course not,” she lied. Fortunately for her, Sibeso appeared right at that moment.

“Time to check in,” she announced.

Just then Jacob too appeared, ran towards his father and wrapped his arms around his long legs.

Martin scooped him up from the ground and poked his nose playfully.

“You will come to visit us daddy, right?” the little boy asked.

“But of course!” Martin replied cheerfully, forgetting for a moment about the fears that had been running through his mind.

“Quickly say goodbye you two, we have to go back inside now.” Sibu said.

Martin put his son down and lowered himself down so they could have a little mano-a-mano while Sibu and Sibeso went back inside to look after their luggage.

“You remember what we talked about last night my son?” Martin said.

“I do!” the boy replied enthusiastically.

Martin motioned for him to take him through it.

“1. I have to protect mum from all men,” he started the list.

Martin was nodding his head proudly as his son said out the list they had entitled ‘duties of a good son’ the previous night.

“2, I have to tell any man that tries to talk to mummy that she is married. 3, I have to give you a weekly update of everything we do, and the last one…I have to take lots and lots of pictures with mum!” he had spread his arms wide to indicate quantity.

Martin clapped the minute he was done. “I am so proud of you little man. Your mother’s brain and mine created a genius. Put it here….” he put out his open palm and Jacob did accordingly before they headed back inside.

“I will call you when we arrive,” Sibu said to him.

“I won’t even get a goodbye hug?” And without waiting for a response, he closed the distance between them and held her tight in an embrace that lasted longer than Sibu would have liked.

“You are going to delay them,” Sibeso roared from the sidelines.

Martin reluctantly loosed his arms around her and Sibu quickly freed herself. “Take care of yourself Martin,” she said and then moved to Sibeso and hugged her tightly. “Let’s chat everyday my love,” she said to her friend.

“I am already missing you.” Sibeso was already tearing up.

“If I didn’t know any better,” Martin commented as he watched them still tied in a hug, upset that she had been fighting to release herself from him the whole time while she seemed to be taking her dear time with Sibeso.

“If you cry then I’m gonna start crying too and then Jacob will as well,” Sibu said whilst fighting back the tears and forcing a smile so that Jacob does pick up what was really going on. Every time he saw his mother upset, he would mirror her emotions.

Sibusiswe proceeded to hold on to her son’s hand with one hand while the other attended to their luggage that consisted of one big suitcase and her handbag.

Martin hugged his son for the last time before finally letting them go.

“Don’t forget to call me!” He shouted to Sibu before they disappeared from view.

Tsk tsk tsk….” it was Sibeso looking Martin up and down with a scowl on her face. “If you loved her that much, why were you such a jerk to her?” She asked him.

“I was young and stupid then,” Martin answered and started his walk back to the parking lot.

Sibeso ran after him and the two of them walked together.

“You really hate me these days don’t you?” He asked her.

“Of course I do,” Sibeso replied honestly.

Martin glared at her and then laughed. “I see you still haven’t turned those lemons in your mouth into lemonade,” he teased her. “I thought motherhood turned all women soft.”

“It actually does the opposite mind you,” she corrected him.

Martin thought about what she had just said for a moment. “You might be right,” he finally said. “Sibu has become a thousand times harder to crack ever since she learnt she was pregnant.”

“Who can blame her,” Sibeso said. “She caught her husband in bed with another woman the very day she went to share the news of the pregnancy with him. You are lucky she didn’t cut off your balls,” she moved her eyes to the area in question and Martin instinctively used his hands to cover the area.

Sibeso laughed. “Relax,” she said blithely. “They are safe…because I am a mother now.” She assured him.

Martin laughed and relaxed a bit.

They had finally reached the car park.

* * *

Sibu had planned on using her stay in SA to work and relax as much as possible since she had left all the sources of her problems behind. Unfortunately, that was not to be the case for in Ted, she found a new source of frustration.

For the first three weeks or so, Ted had not said anything about his feelings to Sibu. At the office, the two of them interacted as colleagues and at home, they got along well as friends. He took them out on tours of the country whenever they were not working and together with Jacob they experienced all sorts of fun.

Jacob had been distant towards Ted for the first couple of weeks but Ted’s friendly personality was hard to ignore after some time. The little boy was forced to finally open up and the two of them became the best of buddies, much to Martin’s chagrin.

“He is a really cool guy dad,” Jacob once said to his father when he called.

“This is what the adults call betrayal Jake,” Martin admonished his son. “It’s first degree betrayal.”

“It’s not like that dad,” the five year old tried to reason with his father. He just takes us out to show us around because there is no one else to show us the city. You understand, right?”

“I don’t,” Martin sulked. “Where’s your mother? Give her back the phone, I need to talk to her.”

“Are you mad at me dad?”

“Yes I am. Let me talk to your mum.”

“Okay,” the little guy looked very disappointed as he walked back into the living room from his playroom to give the phone back to his mother.

“Where’s mum?” Jacob asked Ted who was sitting alone watching TV.

“I think she’s gone to the bathroom,” Ted answered. “Someone wants to talk to her?”

“it’s dad,” Jacob replied, holding the phone out.

Ted got up and went to collect the phone. “I will talk to him while we wait for mum okay,” he had put his hand on the phone to keep whoever was on the other end from listening.

Jacob simply nodded with tears in his eyes and then walked back to his room, his head down like a defeated man.

“Why are you torturing a five year old into being your spy?” Ted said the minute he had the phone to his ear. “Can you imagine the kind of pressure you are putting him under? When will you grow up Martin?”

“Where’s my wife?” Martin voice blasted through the phone. “Why are you answering her phone?”

Ted laughed. “Calm down, she’s slightly indisposed at the moment…but you and I can talk while we wait. I am sure there should be something we can still talk about considering we used to be best friends.”

“I have nothing to say to you Ted. Do you think I don’t know what you are plotting?” Martin growled.

“Oh, so you know,” Ted said sarcastically. “That makes things a little easier for me then. You are right, I am still in-love with Sibu and in case you’ve forgotten, she’s not your wife anymore, she is your ex-wife.”

“Don’t you have any shame man?” Martin asked. “How can you go after my wife when you and I used to be friends? What sort of position will you put Sibu in if at all you succeed in pursuing her….you want her to be the woman that married her ex-husband’s best friend?”

“There’s the difference between you and me right there,” Ted was saying. “You care too much about what people think and I don’t. So what if people argue semantics and give unnecessary opinions? Everyone knows that we were both interested in her from the get-go and we both had fair chances of winning her heart except you cheated and gained the upper hand. God, you almost ruined her life! Bottom line is, I have no qualms whatsoever asking her to be my wife because I don’t owe you a thing. You and I are no longer friends and, if at all you considered me a friend, you would have backed off years ago when you saw that she liked me better than she liked you.”

“You really have some nerve Ted,” Martin burst out. “She will never be your wife as long as I am alive.”

“Good,” Ted retorted. “With your health history and lifestyle, that won’t be such a problem for me.”

“hmm hmm,” Sibu deliberately cleared her throat to announce her presence in the room. She had already heard more than enough.

Ted quickly turned around and found Sibu awkwardly smiling at him. “Is that Martin?” she asked.

“Son of a bitch,” Ted could hear Martin cuss before rudely ending the call.

Ted looked shaken. “How long were you standing there?” he asked.

“Not long enough,” Sibu lied. “I just came in and heard you talk about health history. From your tone of voice and from the color of that phone you are holding, I figured it could only be Martin.” She was forcing herself to smile in order to hide her tired and weary looking eyes.

He removed the purple covered phone from his ear and held it out to her. “I think he’s already cut though….”

“It’s fine, as long as he talked to Jake.” She took the phone from him. “I am going to go upstairs to lie down for a bit. We had quite a crazy day today.”

“I know,” Ted nervously smiled back at her. He was not convinced she had only heard the last part of the conversation. “You should rest,” he said. “I have some work I need to look at also, so….”

“Yeah, let’s chat later then.” And she turned and headed upstairs to her room.

Ted knotted his fingers into a fist. That was not how he had wanted her to learn about his feelings. Dame that Martin, he silently cussed as he watched Sibu’s figure disappear up the stairs.
Ted confirmed his suspicions the very next day when Sibu’s attitude towards him changed. She had become distant and avoided being anywhere were they would be just the two of them. This went on for over a week until he decided he couldn’t take the pressure any more. He accosted her at lunch time at work and took her somewhere where they could talk in private.

They found the perfect spot at the rooftop of their office building. There was a bench there that was strategically placed for anyone sitting there to view the city uninterrupted.

They both sat down.

“You know what I want us to talk about, right?” Ted said.

“I do,” Sibu admitted.

“Your behavior since that evening,” Ted was saying. “Should I take it as some sort of response?”

“What response?” Sibu asked.

“My feelings,” he said. “I know you heard what I told Martin. I am still in-love with you Sibu.” He had turned his body to face her.

“I know,” she said, her face still facing forward and her shadowed gaze fixed on the buildings in the distance.

“I need to know how you feel about me,” Ted pressed on. “I know a lot has happened over the years but not once did my feelings change. If anything, they have grown stronger. I know there was a time when I thought I had a chance with you but I am not so sure about now. The moment you heard about my feelings, you went mute on me and started acting distant.”

“That’s because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings Ted. All these years I only thought of you as a friend…nothing more.”

“I know, that’s why I am willing to give you time to start thinking about me as something more than just a friend…like a man who’s interested in you, a man who has feelings for you.”

Ted….” she had started to protest but he wouldn’t give her a chance.

“I don’t think that evening was the first time you learned about my feelings for you Sibu,” Ted said. “There were so many times in the past when I tried to tell you…I think I told you enough for you to have picked up on what I meant. You just chose to ignore it. I have seen how awkward you got whenever our eyes meet ever since you arrived here. You act nervous or uncomfortable whenever we find ourselves in an intimate situation. You knew all along and I think that the only reason you kept avoiding confronting the truth was because you knew that there is a possibility you might like me too.”

“It’s not like that Ted….”

“Then what is it about Sibu?”

She was silent, her gaze still shadowed by whatever thoughts running through her head.

Ted waited, keeping his gaze closely on her.

“I don’t know Ted,” Sibu finally spoke. “My life is just a complete mess and I just don’t have the time to think about dating right now.”

“I think you are just making excuses,” he told her. “You’ve had enough time to date from the time you came here.”

“I don’t think that constitutes dating,” she argued.

“Apart from calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend, everything we’ve done from the time you came is what lover’s do. If you had time to do all that, then you have time to date Sibu.”

He could tell he had cornered her.

“I thought I was done dealing with lawyers,” she said.

“What do you mean?” Ted obviously missed her point.

“I always feel like I am on the stand.” She said.

Ted laughed. “Well, I think you can hold your ground quite alright. Is that why you don’t want to date me…because I remind you of your ex-husband?”

“No,” Sibu replied a little too quickly. She had taken the bait.

“What do you mean No?” Ted asked, his face wrinkling into a smile. “Then you just don’t like me?”

“No, I mean….” she was clearly flustered. “You know what I mean Ted. Why are you trying to be difficulty?”

He was grinning triumphantly. “Because I want to know what you mean,” he insisted.

“I know what you are doing,” she called him out. “Stop treating me like a defendant.”

“Sibu, look at me,” he said.

She turned only once to look at him and then turned back. Ted placed his hand under her chin and slowly turned her face to look at him. He kept his hand there while he talked.

“Look me in my eyes and tell me that you absolutely have no feelings for me. Tell me that you don’t like me and I promise you…I will not mention my feelings to you ever again.”

“I am not going to play Tom and Jerry with you,” she tried to get up but Ted placed both his hands on her shoulders and kept her down.

“Um um,” he was smiling and shaking his head. “You are not getting out of this one so easily.

“What do you want me to say Ted?” she asked. “Nothing between us will change even if I tell you that I like you. Even though you are no longer close with Jacob’s father, you two used to be friends. What sort of woman would that make me if I dated you? I have enough drama in my life to add more to it.”

“I don’t think that’s such a big deal Sibu.” He countered. “All our friends know that Martin is the one that went after you despite knowing how I felt about you. If anyone should be shamed, it’s neither you or me, it’s him. If you say yes, and if it bothers you that much, we can continue living here where nobody knows about our past and you wont have to go back to that place. Unless you tell me that you are still in-love with Martin, because I am not buying all these excuses you are giving.”

“I am not in-love with Martin and I can promise you that we are never ever getting back together. He thinks he’s still in-love with me but that’s just Martin being Martin. When someone tells him he can’t have something, that’s when he wants it more. Now more than ever, I am convinced that’s the only reason he married me.”

“Then if you know that, why do you care so much about his feelings?”

“Because he is the father of my child.”

“And that will change if you marry me?” he asked sarcastically.

She scowled at him.

“Sibu,” he took her hands into his. “You like me, don’t you?” he asked. “Look at me…no, don’t look away.”

“Yes, I like you Ted,” she finally admitted. “You are a great guy, any woman would be lucky to have you….”

“But,” he added for her.

“But I don’t plan on ever remarrying. I just want to raise my son in peace.”

“Jacob will grow up and set up a family of his own,” Ted said. “What will happen to you then? Grow old and die alone? Do you have any idea how lonely it can get being alone? Ask me, I can testify. I have spent the past seven years waiting for a woman whom I know likes me but doesn’t have the guts to admit it.”

“I just admitted it,” Sibu said. “I like you but I just don’t want to remarry.”

“Why don’t you want to get married again?” Ted asked. “You said that you have enough drama in your life, could it be something to do with your aunt?”

Sibu gaped at him, wondering what and how he knew about her aunt.

“I heard about what your aunt did at the office years back when I was in Zambia and then I remembered something you had said during the interview. There was something about what you said that has bothered me all these years. I know you wont say it directly…but you constantly refer to it, unconsciously in conversations. I want to know what that is Sibu…what is controlling your life so much that you would feel you don’t deserve or need anyone’s sympathy?”

This was the first time someone was directly confronting her about her past. For years Martin had tried to get her to open up about her past but he had no clue exactly which part of her past affected her so much? However, from just one sentence she had unconsciously uttered seven years ago, Ted had managed to pick up something specific to query her about.

“Sibu, I know you heard me,” Ted called out to her.

“I need to go back to work now, lunch break is almost over.” Sibu said, completely avoiding eye contact as she quickly turned to leave. Ted ran after her and caught her before she stepped through the door. He held her by the shoulders and had her back pressed against the wall.

“What are you doing?” She tried to turn her face away but Ted’s face was so close, only a few inches away from hers and with his arms on either side of her pinning her back, there was no room for escape.

Ted kept his gaze on her quivering lips. His thoughts were written all over his face and Sibu could smell his intentions from every part of his body.

“I am very different from Martin,” Ted leaned in further and whispered the rest of his words close to her ear.

“I won’t let you walk away from me when I can obviously tell that something is up. I am not trying to compare us…I just need you to know that if you are going to try to get rid of me, you will have to develop a few new tricks. Sibu, I don’t care about whatever drama lies in your past or in your life. I don’t care if you had an affair, if you don’t get along well with your family…or if you killed someone…. All I care about is the woman standing right here in front of me, right now.” he deliberately brushed his lips against the edges of her ear, causing her to wince in bridled pleasure.

Even though she knew that Ted was just saying things for the sake of it, his words gave her some kind of comfort, hope…for a moment, he gave her hope.

It was as if she was meeting him for the very first time. She desperately wanted to believe every word he was saying despite the hard lessons she had learnt from her past.

She wanted to look him in the eye and see what lay behind them. Would she the see the truth if she dared?

Slowly, very so slowly, Sibu raised her head to look into Ted’s eyes. He was smiling down at her reassuringly. he was begging her to believe him…and she wanted to…if only for a moment.

How long had she waited for someone to say those words to her?

“You are thinking about kissing me…” Ted teased her, drawing his face closer to hers and brushing his lips against hers.

Sibu tried to move her face away but she almost ended up locking her lips against him, again.

“I don’t know what you are talking about…” she said with her eyes flickering up and down his face. “Doesn’t this sort of thing constitute sexual harassment Mr Attorney?” She nervously tried to make light of the moment.

Ted was grinning. “I’m sure it does,” his masculine voice drawled closer to her skin. “But I am also sure that there’s a law somewhere that would explain the meaning of you constantly wetting your lips like that…I think it’s called the Law of Attraction.”

Sibu’s face turned red. She tried to look down, away from his eyes but her eyes landed on his lips instead. Until then, she had had no idea he had such deep brown eyes or that his lips were so thick and smooth. How could she keep her senses about her when looking at him so closely made her feel so dizzy.

Before she knew it, his lips were hard on hers.

With one hand cupping the back of her head and the other grabbing her waist, Ted tilted her head back and drew her towards him by her waist, sealing whatever distance had been separating them.

Although she kept trying to fight him off, Sibu could feel her resolve slowly slipping away as Ted brought her straight into his world through his lips.

He had started hard, his lips working fast against hers but when he felt her fight him, he paused and pulled her head slightly back to look into her eyes.

Her eyes told him a different story.

Sibu couldn’t  hide her disappointment when Ted pulled away. When was the last time she had felt a man’s breath hard against her? When was the last time her heart had throbbed like this? For how long had she yearned for the kind of warmth that was radiating from Ted’s embrace?

Ted didn’t need any more persuasion. Placing his hand back at the back of her head, deliberately gliding his fingers deep through her mane of hair, he drew her head towards him and laid his lips against hers, his movements slow and deliberate this time.

As he slid his tongue slowly through her warm and inviting lips, Ted felt her body quiver underneath him and as if driven by a force unknown, he drunk from her and she from him.

She placed her arms over his shoulders and with her hands she held on to his head and locked him in position.

A bolt of lightening reaped through Sibu’s body, melting her insides as Ted quenched his yearning thirst from her and she from him.

If Ted had not moved his arm from around her waist to drive her further deep against him, she probably would have not known just how much her hunger rivaled his.

That realization bolted her right back to reality.

Quickly unlocking her arms from around his neck, Sibu stepped back and away from Ted, the sudden realization of her response to him almost freezing her in horror.

“I should really get back to work,” she stuttered before running off, leaving Ted dazed and confused.

The only thing Ted could think about at that moment was, she kissed me back…she kissed me back!
That night, Sibusiswe’s nightmares returned with full force after two long years. and they continued for nights that followed.


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