Kondwani’s Debt of Love

[This is still in draft form…to be edited later]

“I am so sorry Alicia, but we have to let you go.”

Alicia Daka’s world came to an abrupt end in those few seconds it took her immediate supervisor to deliver the devastating news to her. 

She had only been working for the Allied Doctors of Zambia Hospital, popularly known simply as ADOZ for only three months. One more month and she was sure she was going to be confirmed as a long term employee of one of the leading hospitals in Southern Africa. 
“Why?” Alicia asked, wondering if she had missed some months on the Calendar when ahe woke up that morning and found herself on April 1st.

In the last three months, she had received better reviews than all the other nine nursing interns that had been accepted by management at ADOZ after weeks of gruelling interviews and tests. Alicia had thought that the news was too good to be true when she was informed that she was amongst the ten selected for internship at the prestigious hospital from over a thousand nurses that had applied. 
Perhaps it really was too good to be true. 
Having graduated from a small nursing school in her small community in Livingstone that had only been in operation for five years, Alicia had had great doubts of being selected for that internship especially that she was competing against nurses from top-notch and well-renowned nursing colleges from the capital, Lusaka.   

“I thought I was doing exceptionally well in my work” Alicia cried. “Did I make a mistake somewhere that I wasn’t aware of?” 

Mrs Miti the surgical  nurse in-charge picked out a napkin from the pack that had been lying on the table and handed it over to her favourite nurse. It broke her heart to see the dreams of such an intelligent girl being shattered to pieces over issues of bureaucracy. 

“I wish I had a better explanation for you Alicia,” the elderly lady said whilst fighting back her own tears. “But you know how these things go….”

“What things?” Alicia asked the fifty-eight year old.

Mrs Miti was looking at her in stunned disbelief. “You don’t know?” She asked.

“Don’t know what?” Alicia asked, looking as blank as the state of her confused mind. 
“Doctor Chileshe….”

“What about Dr Chileshe?” Alicia asked.

The supervising nurse chuckled in incredulity. “Your relationship with Dr Chileshe Alicia.” She said matter-of-factly. “Everyone knows about it.”
“What?” Alicia stood up from the chair. “What relationship are you talking about Nurse Miti?”
“Aren’t the two of you seeing each other?” 

Alicia started laughing. “Me?” She pressed her finger over her chest and laughed some more at the ridiculous things she had just heard. “You mean me and Dr Kondwani Chileshe? How is that even possible? I have only spoken to the man on three occasions; during the interviews, during the first day we reported for work, and that last time when there was that emergency situation with the Minister of Finance.

 “That time I was the assisting theatre nurse and there was no way of avoiding the lead surgeon. He asked me to pass him something during surgery in the operating room and told me to take great care of the patient once the surgery was done and he left the OR. I never said a single word to him in return so where’s all this coming from?”

“Don’t you find it strange that Dr Chileshe personally requested that you be the assisting nurse for such a high profile case despite you being an intern?” Mrs Miti asked. “He has never done anything like that before and it got people here talking, including his fiancé who happens to be the daughter of the largest shareholder of this hospital.”

“I didn’t even know that he had personally requested me for that surgery matron.” Alicia lamented. “I am telling you the truth when I say that I have never spoken to the man outside of work. I didn’t even think he respected me enough to recognize my presence.

 “During interviews, he told me that I looked like a preschool teacher from a rural area instead of a medical care giver. He was out-rightly rude and condescending and everyone laughed at his jokes at my expense. If Ms Miyoba wants me to explain things to her….”

“Do you think a pumped up queen like her has time to listen to a simpleton like you?” Mrs Miti asked. “She busted in here with a letter of dismissal and demanded that we get rid of you as soon as possible or risk losing our jobs.”

“But this is unfair dismissal. I have done nothing wrong.” Alicia cried and sunk back into her chair.

 “I know my dear.” The elderly lady said.

 “I think sometimes she forgets she’s the head of PR and not HR. You are not the first to go through this here.” She explained. “Gwen has managed to get rid of any female nurse or doctor that worked closely with her fiancé and none of them has done anything about it for fear of being blacklisted in the industry.”

“So what I’m I supposed to do now?” Alicia asked.
“If I were you, I would start by asking Dr Chileshe why he’s been following you around in the shadows like a crazy stalker.” The supervisor suggested. 

Alicia gaped at her. “Following me around? What do you mean?”

Mrs Miti opened her drawer and took out a medium size envelope and handed it to her. “Gwen left that with me when she came in earlier. Said she had you and him followed.”

Alicia quickly opened the envelope and flipped through the pictures with utter shock registering all over her face. 

“What’s all this about? Why has Dr Chileshe been following me? I wasn’t even aware….”

“It’s very clear from those photos that you were not aware of his presence.” Mrs Miti agreed.
“But didn’t Ms Miyoba see that I had nothing to do with this?” Alicia said as she continued browsing through the pictures. 
“I think you are missing the point here Alicia,” the wise nurse said. “She is not firing you because she thinks you are sleeping with her man. She is getting rid of you simply because she can…and because she feels you are stealing her man’s attention away from her. Gwen hates competition, especially when it has to do with the good doctor.”
“I am sure that there is a plausible explanation as to why Dr Chileshe has been following me like this.” Alicia reasoned. “That man genuinely hates me. There is no way he can be romantically linked to me as everyone seems to suggest.”
“I believe you because I trust you.” Her supervisor said. “But not everyone here will so I suggest you sort things out with Dr Chileshe before they get out of control. I would hate to see your career ruined over something as groundless as this.” 
“So until I sort this thing out, should I consider myself fired?”
“As far as I know, I haven’t seen you today.” Mrs Miti whispered and Alicia immediately caught on and ran out of the room to Dr Chileshe’s office. 
“I am very busy, what do you want?” Were the first words Dr Chileshe said the moment Alicia entered his office. He immediately set his eyes back  on the monitor and busied himself with whatever was flashing on the computer,  completely ignoring the other human presence in the room. 
Being someone that always wavered under pressure and had no fighting spirit in her whatsoever, Alicia thought about exiting the room quietly without airing her grievances. 
Was this the same man that was following her around everywhere she went with that solemn expression on his face?  What was that all about? Just how many faces did the doctor have? Alicia wondered as she looked at the ambitious tight-faced young doctor. 
Unable to bear the cold reception anymore, Alicia turned to leave. 
“What is it?” She heard him ask from behind her, forcing her to come to an immediate stop.
Where do I even begin? Alicia silently lamented as she slowly turned to face him.
Kondwani Chileshe took a deep breath and sat up in his chair, bracing himself for whatever Alicia was about to unleash unto him.
“Sit.” he pointed to one of the two chairs in front of his desk.
Alicia reluctantly and nervously sat down, her eyes looking everywhere except at him. 
“You have something to talk to me about Ms…?”
“Ms Daka.” Alicia provided, her eyes casted down on her uniform dress. Now that she was seated in front of the doctor, she lost all the confidence she had had about confronting him over his stalking. 
There was something about Dr Chileshe that made anyone that stood before him feel inadequate and useless. At only thirty-five years, he was leading one of the best hospitals in the whole of Southern Africa. It was his billion dollar idea to form an alliance of local Zambian doctors of all specialities to work together under one roof and provide the best medical service the country had to offer instead of relying on foreign doctors. 
A very ambitious man that he was, Kondwani had singlehandedly campaigned for the establishment of such an ace hospital and managed to win over a number of doctors and financers to come on board. Both as a doctor and as a business man, Kondwani Chileshe was a force to be reckoned with. 
“Again, what do you want?” Kondwani made no effort to hide his irritation and impatience. 
“I was just called to the matron’s office and was told that I have been fired.” Alicia finally found her voice. 

For a split second, she thought she saw astonishment on Kondwani’s face but it was quickly replaced by an all-out nonchalant expression.

“Soo?” He asked, raising his shoulders in mocking wonder. “You were told when you came to this hospital that we only accept a certain quality of work and if you can’t reach that standard, you won’t make the cut.”
Alicia’s jaw dropped to the floor, unable to believe the director’s play at innocence. Yet still, her tongue refused to move. 
“Is that all?” Kondwani asked, ready to get back to whatever he had been working on before the interruption. 
Alicia felt helpless sitting before him like that. She finally gave way to the tears she had desperately been fighting back. Seeing her crying, Kondwani could not hide his feelings this time around. He pushed himself back in his seat, as if to keep a distance between them…like a man suddenly avoiding a bolt of lightning threatening to hit him.
This was the third time he had seen her cry, except this time, she was doing it right in front of him, fully aware of his presence. 
“Ahhhh…Nurse Daka….” Kondwani fumbled for a piece of tissue and handed it to her. 
“Why are you doing this to me?” Alicia had finally gathered the courage to look at him, her face soaked in tears. 
She refused to accept the paper napkin he was extending to her, instead, she kept looking at him with her tear-filled big eyes and for the first time since meeting him, she saw the ever confident doctor lower his gaze before someone.

Alicia opened the envelope in her hands and threw the contents down on Kondwani’s table. “Why are you following me around?” She asked.
Kondwani almost leapt from his seat. He picked up one photo after the other and starred at them in disbelief. “Where did you get these from?” He asked.
“Your girlfriend gave them to the Surgeon nurse in-charge and demanded that I get fired.” Alicia cried. “Do you think that I am some sort of spy? Why are you following me everywhere I go?”
“Spy?” Kondwani put the pictures together and laid them on the side. It took a few seconds for him to realise that Alicia had just thrown him a lifeline; she really had no idea what was going on and he was going to make sure things remained like that.
“I heard that you are very paranoid about the safety of your business interests but this is too much.” Alicia complained. “I haven’t done anything to make you think that I joined your hospital to spy on you.”
Indeed, it was no secret that the ZAD hospital was at the centre of political debates between the government in power and the opposition, each accusing the other of privately financing it for selfish gains despite it being a private enterprise.  As the hospital’s managing director, Kondwani was left to deal with the implications of all possibilities and suspicions. 
“Apologies for this turn of events Nurse Daka.” Kondwani said, quickly jumping on to the safety wagon. “It’s just that with the health reform debates currently going on, this hospital has found itself at the centre of it all. 
“I admit that my ways of investigating were unorthodox, however, I personally needed to make sure before deciding which five of the ten interns could be employed full time.”
“So I was not the only one you were following?” Alicia asked, looking about ready to heave a sigh of relief. 
Kondwani chuckled noisily. “Of course not!” He said. “What reason would I have to follow you around Ms Daka?”
Alicia finally let out her breath. “I knew that there was a plausible explanation for everything.” She said with a huge grin on her face. Alicia felt like a huge weight had been lifted off her shoulders. 
“Can you talk to Ms Miyoba then?”
“She had no business involving herself in HR affairs,” Kondwani said under his breath, mostly to himself than to Alicia.

 Looking up at her, he added; “You can get back to work Nurse Daka, I will take care of things with Gwen. This was simply a misunderstanding. I hope I can trust you to not tell others about what I’ve been up to….” He was looking at her for a response. 
“If you promise to stop following me around, then I won’t tell the others to watch their backs.” Alicia said.
The ease with which she had accepted the veiled truths and the innocence in her eyes made Kondwani’s heart break in guilt. 
“I promise,” Kondwani replied. 
“Thank you doctor.” Alicia stood up to leave. “I have to go back to work now. Enjoy the rest of your day.”
“Thanks, you too.” Kondwani said and fixed his eyes back on the computer before Alicia was even out of the room.

That morning when Alicia went back to work, she noticed something about her colleague’s attitudes that she had somehow misinterpreted before the events of that morning. She had thought that her outcast treatment was as a result of being the only one that had graduated from a ‘mediocre’ nursing school whereas the rest of them came from some sort of ivy-league school. 
However, it was now clear that they all thought she got the internship from fraternising with upper management; something she would have never imagined could be associated with her. 

 She heard the whispers in the locker rooms, in the bathroom, in the cafeteria and even in the hospital hallways. 

How could I not have suspected anything before?
Alicia asked herself as she passed a group of interns in the hallway that evening as she made her way out of the hospital. Just how could one simple incident concerning a high profile surgery be so blown out of proportion?
Once outside the hospital, Alicia shoved her headsets into her ears and headed for the bus top. She had no idea that Kondwani was watching her from his office on the fourth floor of the building.

“What are you staring at so intently?” 

Kondwani heard Gwen ask from behind him and quickly turned away from the window. Gwen walked over to the window to look downstairs just as Alicia was disappearing through the gate. 
“There’s nothing here to see.” The thirty year old head of Public Relations said. 
“What did you expect to find?” Kondwani asked as he sat behind his desk. “What are you doing here?” He asked irritably. 
“There you go again sounding like an ogre.” Gwen said as she walked over to where he was and plopped herself onto his desk, exposing a third of her very light-skinned thighs to him, her knees deliberately touching the side of his leg. 

“What’s going on with you these days?” she asked, slowly running her finger over the buttons of his dress shirt.
“We are at work Gwen, try to control yourself.” Kondwani said sternly, quickly turning his chair to put a distance between them. 
Unable to take his dismissive attitude any longer, Gwen finally snapped. “Are you still mad at me because I fired that girl?” 
“You see, right there is where the problem is,” Kondwani said. “You have no right to fire anyone in this place. Your job is simply to look pretty, sound intelligent and make this hospital look good.”
Gwen scoffed and stepped down from the table, her eyes glaring at him with the force of a hurricane behind them. “Is that you talking to me like that Kondwani? See what I meant when I said you’ve changed?”
“Not right now Gwen.” Kondwani pulled his computer towards him looking about ready to busy himself, hoping she would get the message and leave on her own. “I have a lot of work to do.” He added. 
“You’ve always had a lot of work to do from the time I met you.” Gwen said. “I already apologized for misunderstanding you and that intern so what’s the problem now?”
Kondwani sighed heavily and pushed his computer away from him in resignation. 

“I hate it when you constantly run around the hospital making everyone feel your weight as the daughter of the largest shareholder of this hospital. Your father might have put in his money but I am the one who puts in the work so don’t go about undermining my authority.”
“I wasn’t trying to undermine your authority Kondwani,” Gwen argued. 
“Then what were you trying to do?” Kondwani looked at her as he waited for her response, his eyebrows furrowed in deep contempt. 
“I was just….” Gwen shrugged her shoulders in search of the right words to say. “Well,” she said after a moment of scratching her head. “I guess you are right. I guess I was too busy letting my emotions run my brain that I ended up crossing the line, again.” 
She then leaned the whole upper part of her body towards him and flashing her long lashes at him she said; “How can I make it up to you and show you that I am truly sorry?”
Kondwani thought about her offer for a while, his head slightly pulled back away from her as he studied her face from under his partially shut eyelids. “Are you sure about asking me such an open ended question?”
Gwen chuckled. She had him back exactly where she wanted him to be. 

“Yes doctor, I am very serious.” She said in a very calm and calculated seductive tone, all the while working her hands on the buckle of his belt. 
“Woah,” she laughed as she felt him move under her hand. “I think I know exactly what I ought to do to appease the good doctor.”
Kondwani laughed. “I like that you are very perceptive my lady.”
“Your wish is my command monsieur.” Gwen said as she got down on her knees. She had just finished taking out his belt when her phone started to ring from the table where she had earlier placed it when she entered the office. 
“What does Doctor Kayombo want with you?” The call seemed to distract Kondwani from whatever Gwen was burnt on doing to him.
“Just ignore it babe,” Gwen said dismissively. “It’s nothing important.” She added and went back to the business at hand. 
A bundle of mixed emotions, Kondwani tried to concentrate on Gwen’s ministrations down his trousers but the phone wouldn’t stop ringing. He reached out towards it and was about to grab it when Gwen suddenly came up and grabbed it. She switched it off and immediately went back on her knees without uttering a word a single word. 
In just a few seconds, Gwen had succeeded in getting Kondwani to forget about the disturbing call. 

The house was disturbingly quite when Alicia got home compared the noise she usually found every time she came home from work in the evenings. It appeared her two younger siblings; ten year old David and seven year old Mphatso were not around to ceremoniously welcome her home. 
Alicia took off her sneakers at the door and called out for her younger sister and mother. “Mum! Belinda!” she shouted. “Is anyone home?”
“In the bedroom!” Belinda’s voice came through the living room. Alicia followed the sound of her sister’s voice and found herself in her bedroom. 
“Where’s everyone?” Alicia asked from the door where she was standing.
“You mean everyone or just your two cheerleaders?” Belinda refused to take her eyes off the latest Game of Thrones novel Alicia had gotten her for her birthday. 
“Yes, where are they?” Alicia said. “And where’s mum and dad?”
“Arrrrrrhhhhh!” Belinda suddenly yelled out in frustration at being rudely interrupted from the world she had deeply immersed herself in for the past four straight hours. She lowered the book down and answered her older sister between clenched teeth, angrily stressing every word that fell from her lips.
“There’s some. Event. Going. On. At. Church. This. Evening. Mum. Dragged. Everyone. There.”
Alicia couldn’t help laughing, remembering a time in the past when she herself would hate to be disturbed when reading the Princess Dairies series or the Lord of the Rings collection. 
“I almost got fired at work today,” Alicia said. “Don’t you want to hear my sob story?” She made a face and pretended to be crying. 
The twenty-two year old siting in her bed protested for a few seconds but quickly gave in and patted the side of the bed for her sister to sit down. Alicia smiled and rushed to take position on the bed before her young sister changed her mind. 
“Just keep in mind that I have another world to attend to so try as much as possible to cut the long story short.” Belinda warned. 
“Yes ma’am.” Alicia laughed and started telling her story as briefly as commanded. 
“So you didn’t even confront the bitch after everything that she put you through?” Belinda said once Alicia had finished telling her story. 
Alicia quicly covered her young sister’s mouth with her hand. “Language Linda,” she cautioned her. “What if the kids walk in here?”
Belinda quickly pushed away the hand. “Don’t try to change the topic here Lee, I know you. you probably just let everyone at work walk all over you while you hide in some corner and cry alone. I understand you are a Christian and all but you know that there’s a difference between being kind and downright foolish right?”
“I can’t believe my own baby sister is calling me foolish.” The twenty-eight year old nurse sulked. 
“That’s because you insist on letting everyone around you walk all over you!” Belinda yelled. “Since you refuse to stand up for yourself, it’s my job as your sister to protect you. Tell me the names of all those bullying you at work?” She reached over to her bedside table and grabbed the writing pad and pen there, ready to take down names.
Alicia grabbed them from her and put them behind her. “I give you names so you can write them long stinkers and post  weird stuff on their Facebook walls?”
“Glad you know the drill.” Belinda said, trying to reach for the writing pad again. Alicia moved back and sat on the writing pad. 
“There’s no need for that sis.” Alicia said. “It’s not something I can’t take care of on my own. let them talk all they want. My conscience is clean.”
“Just cause your conscience is clean does not mean that you will be saved from the mental torture and pain that comes from that kind of gossip. You’ve already been through so much in life. you don’t deserve such unfair treatment from people that don’t even know who you really are.”
“That’s the thing,” Alicia said. “They can talk like that about me because they don’t know who I am. Eventually, they will get to know me and everything will be cleared.”
“Just like how mum still thinks you are the one who stole that money from seven years ago?” Belinda asked. 
“That’s all in the past Linda.” 
“Not for mum.” Belinda argued. 

“Sometimes I wish I could tell her to stop treating me the way she does and give all that love to you. I think she has already proved her love for dad so there’s no need for her to keep treating her own child like a step-daughter.”
“How did the topic change to this one?” Alicia asked, getting off the bed to avoid the rest of the ensuing conversation. 
“Your birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. Have you told her what you want her to get for you?” Belinda asked. 
Alicia chuckled nervously. “I am twenty eight years old sweetie; I am way passed the age of crying for present from my parents.” 
“I honestly think that dad is to blame for how mum treats you.” Belinda said.
“What do you mean?” Alicia asked.
“He should have asked her to treat her own child the way she treats his instead of the other way round. Sometimes I wish that I was her real daughter instead of her step daughter because I feel like I stole your mother from you.”
“Don’t start with this talk again Linda.” Alicia said. “Our parents have been married for over ten years now, I am over it. You should too. I need to go to my room and prepare for tomorrow’s test.”
“They are testing you again?” Belinda asked. 
Alicia laughed. “Every week.” She said. 
“Will they hire you to be doctors or nurses? What’s all the fuss about?”
“It’s the best hospital in the country sis so obviously they have standards to uphold. Get back to Winterfell and pass my regards to the Starks.”
Belinda picked up her book and with a huge grin on her face she said; “I will my sister, I will send your love along to all the walls of this lovely world of mine.”
Alicia laughed and closed the door behind her. 

Alone in her room, Alicia sat on her bed and picked up a picture frame holding a photo of her and her mother which had been taken a year after her father had died. Alicia held the frame to her heart, reminiscing about a time in the far gone past when she was closest to her mother. Who would have known back then looking at them smiling for the camera man in excitement that her world was about to change forever…and that that hug would be the last intimate moment she would ever get to share with her mother?

Henrietta Sakala’s second marriage after the demise of her first husband had brought with it a new daughter in their lives and later two boys. In a strange twist of events, Alicia had found herself the only outsider in the new family of seven as her mother laboured to prove to her new well-to-do husband that she was good enough for him.
Henrietta’s dedication to her husband came at the cost of her affection to her own child, her insecurities constantly forcing her to pamper her new step-daughter with more love than needed all so she could be accepted by father and daughter. Before Henrietta knew it, she gained a whole new family and lost the old one. 
Tears ran down Alicia’s face when she opened her eyes and awakened from her reverie. She placed the picture frame back onto the bedside table and in the process brushed her hand against the frame next to it. 
On it was a picture of a good looking man who appeared to be in his late twenties; dressed in a slim-fitting charcoal grey suit, brown eyes, a clean shaven head and a smile to brighten the darkest of days.
Alicia found herself smiling back at him as she slowly picked up the picture frame. 
“How can you still smile like this Nicolas?” She asked the man in the photo, a bittersweet smile playing on her face. 

“Do you want to hear your son’s voice?” Alicia asked him. 
She picked up her phone and speed-dialled the first number. She was about to give up on the call when someone finally picked up.
“Mum,” Alicia said, sitting up straight on the bed. 
“It’s very late Alicia,” the woman on the other end of the line said sternly. 

“Buseko is sleeping already.”
Alicia looked up at the clock on the wall. It was only three minutes passed 7pm. “I am sorry I called so late amai…I…I…thought…I…I just wanted to hear Bubu’s voice before he goes to bed.”
“I told you, he’s sleeping already.” The woman answered angrily. 
Alicia could hear a child laughing in the background. She knew without doubt it was her son. There was no way she could fail to recognize the sound of her own child’s laughter. And yet, she could not say a thing to the mother of the man she once loved with all her breath. She had full custody of her grandchild and she had the right to choose who spoke to him or not, even if the person requesting to speak to him was his own mother.  
“I am sorry –“
Belinda barged in through the door and grabbed the phone from her. “I knew this would happen.” She said as she raised the phone to her ear. “Aunty, I can hear Bubu laughing in the background, give him the phone.”
“Who’s this?” the woman asked.
“This is Alicia’s sister, Belinda. Why don’t you want your grandson to talk to his mother? Isn’t it enough that my parents allowed you to keep him instead of his mother?” Alicia tried to grab the phone from her but Belinda moved back to avoid her. 
“You are also a woman and a mother,” Belinda continued. “Don’t treat Alicia like this. You have daughters too, how would you feel if their husbands died and their mother in-laws blamed them for such bad luck?”
“God forbid!” The woman said. 
“So you even know God ka,” Belinda said sarcastically. “Then you and Alicia should start getting along now. It seems you both have the same father. Now put my nephew on the phone before I put a curse on your family.”
Belinda laughed silently when she heard the woman call out for her grandson. 

“Thank me later.” She said as she handed Alicia back the phone and left the room.
“Mummy, is that you?” Alicia heard her five year old call out to her and she put the phone to her ear.
“Yes baby, it’s me. It’s your mother.” She said. “I miss you so much.”
“I miss you too! When are you coming to pick me?” the boy asked excitedly. 
“I will come on Sunday my love. Did you go to school today?”
“What did you learn?” 
“We didn’t learn anything.”
“You didn’t learn anything? Why?”
“Because Teacher Mary wanted us to draw the sun and the moon.”
Alicia laughed, her eyes filled with tears.

Kondwani parked his Benz in front of his mother’s house and found his family camped in the living room watching the news on Muvi Tv. His mother stood up from the sofa and ran to him the moment she spotted him on the door. 
“My son,” she said, pride written all over his face.
“We need to talk mum.” Kondwani said, a grave expression on his face. 
His mother’s smile quickly faded. 
“Is everything okay bro?” Kondwani’s younger sister asked from where she was seated. 
“Yes Chilu,” he answered. “I just need to talk to mum about a private matter.”
The twenty-five year old nodded. 

“Okay,” she said. “I also want to talk to you about my tuition fees.”
“I know.” Kondwani said before leaving the room.
“What is it son?” Claudia Chileshe asked the moment the two of them were outside. 
Kondwani slowly took in the image of his mother before him. She was a total contrast of the woman she used to be ten years ago when life was nothing but a struggle for them. She now had a rich glow about her…as if everything in her life had finally fallen into place. 
How could he live with himself if he took this world of happiness she had created for herself and shuttered it into tiny pieces? 

Mother, I met the fiancé of the man we killed in that road accident?
The words were right at the tip of his tongue. 
“Kondwani,” his mother said. “You are now scaring me. What is the matter? Did something happen at work? Are those politicians still giving you problems?”
Kondwani laughed nervously. “It’s nothing like that mother. I just had a fight with Gwen and you were the only person I thought of going to to vent out my frustrations.” 
“What are you guys fighting about?” Claudia asked, her muscles instantly relaxing. 
“I think that….no, not I think.” Kondwani quickly corrected himself. “She is sleeping with someone else.”

“What?” His mother asked. 
“A doctor, my junior at work.” Kondwani said. 
“Ummm, how sure are you son?” Claudia said. “Isn’t this just one of those episodes of you being paranoid and overthinking everything?”
“I wish that were the case mother.”
“Then get what you need from her and get rid of her.” His mother advised, unflinching and unapologetic in her delivery.
Kondwani starred at his mother in incredulity.  


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  1. Pam says:

    When is the next chapter out,kondwani’s mum sounds like a bitch.seriously a mother telling her child to get what is needed and move no eish


  2. Taz says:

    nice one Anisha, Belinda is funny, “before i put a curse on your family” keep it coming till i reach a point of liking Kondwani,


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