Kondwani’s Debt of Love – Part 10

Kayombo had just closed the door of his car and was about to start the ignition when his phone rang again. Thinking it was Alicia calling him back, he answered without checking the caller id.

“I know it’s very late Alicia but please, just let me see you for a little bit. I promise it won’t take long. I am already on my way there.” He started his engine running before he could even finish his sentence.

“I don’t believe this.” Came a very stern response.

Samuel Kayombo paused. “Gwen?”

“Yes it’s Gwen, the woman you claimed was the love of your life just a few weeks ago; Gwen Miyoba.” She hissed.

“I can’t talk right now Gwen-“

“Oh but I do believe you can.” Gwen replied sarcastically. “You and I need to talk right now so you better change direction and head over here.”

Kayombo started driving his car out of his yard. “There’s nothing left to say between you and me. I thought I made that clear-“

“Then you should have told that to your bloody swimmers!” Gwen yelled. “I’m pregnant you bastard.” She cried.

Kayombo hit the emergency breaks right before he could exit the gate. “What did you just say?”

“Come home right now, my parents are not around.” Gwen informed him.

Even as he cut the line, Kayombo could not believe the things his ears had just heard. Impossible, impossible, impossible…he kept repeating in his head.

“No way!” he said out loud, gearing himself up to change his destination. His mind was running so wild that he forgot to call Alicia to inform her about the sudden change in plans, only remembering when he received a call from her.

“Are you still coming?” Alicia asked.

“I’m very sorry Alicia,” Kayombo answered. “Something’s come up so I can’t make it.”

“You don’t sound too well?” Alicia observed. “Is everything okay? Are you on the road?” She could hear the wind blowing against the phone.

“I can’t really talk right now Ally. I will call you.” He sounded almost out of breath as he cut the line before Alicia could get in another word.

Alicia remained staring at her phone screen with question marks written all over her face. Shaking her head, she put the phone back on the bedside table and went back to sleep.
“Where are your parents?” Was the first question Kayombo asked when Gwen opened the door.

Stepping aside to let him in, “There’s a funeral somewhere, some relative died.” She said.

“What’s this about pregnancy?” Samuel went straight to the topic at hand the moment he was sure the coast was clear. He sat down, not trusting his legs to hold him up during that kind of conversation.

“Is this some kind of joke you are playing just because you wanted me to come rushing over here to see you?” Kayombo asked.

Gwen scoffed as she threw herself on the sofa opposite him.

It was no secret what Gwen’s father thought about Kayombo; an average middle class background with retired ex-civil servants for parents, there was no value Samuel could bring to the financially hungry business man.

To Lloyd Miyoba, his daughter’s marriage had absolutely nothing to do with love. To him, Gwen’s value was measured the same way he measured that of the thousands of livestock he kept at his farms. Samuel was content being a doctor and had no ambitions whatsoever to spread his wings into the financial or business world…and that was something Miyoba could not stand in a potential son-in-law. To him, Kondwani possessed all the qualities necessary for a worthy son in-law even though the two of them rarely saw eye to eye on anything.

“I told you, I’m pregnant.” Gwen stated flatly. “Why would I joke about something like this?”

Kayombo sat up straight. “How?” He asked and immediately regretted the question when his remark was greeted with a look of reprobation from his counterpart.

“I am just going to pretend I didn’t hear that question.” Gwen said.

“Last time,” Kayombo said. “It’s been a while since you and I-“

“Since we had sex?” She finished for him. “It was only four weeks ago and it’s been over seven weeks now since I last saw my period.”

“Seven weeks? And you only tell me now?” Samuel snapped.

“I wasn’t sure.” Gwen said. “At first I thought it was only stress causing me to mess up my days…but lately, I started feeling funny…and I took some tests. They all came up positive.”

“How do you know it’s mine?”

“Kondwani and I have never had unprotected sex. You know very well how much he hates kids.”

“Accidents happen Gwen.” Kayombo argued. “Besides, you told me that you were safe that last time.”

“I was so mad at Kondwani that night…I just-“

Kayombo glared at her. “So you were mad at your boyfriend and you decided to be careless with me!?” He yelled.

“Why are you blaming me for this?” Gwen fired back. “You are the doctor here. Shouldn’t you have known better than to trust the words of a scorned woman? Besides, this happened way before that.”

“How can you be so sure that it’s mine?” Kayombo asked again. “You were actively sleeping with two men at the same time; anyone of us could be the father. Just because Kondwani uses protection doesn’t mean he can’t be the father.”

“A woman can tell these things.” Gwen answered. “Don’t you think it would be easier for me to pin this on Kondwani instead of you? He is after all my fiancé. I know that it’s yours without a doubt. Besides, Kondwani and I haven’t been together like that for a while now.”

“Get it terminated.” Kayombo spat.

“What?” Gwen flared at him in disbelief.

“What, you want to keep it?” He asked.

“I don’t know!” She shouted. “Why do you think I called you in the middle of the night?”

“Unless you want me to lose my job and get blacklisted in my field, you will have to abort.” Samuel said. “Both your father and Kondwani will come after me with vengeance.”

“Then you should have thought about that before you nutted in me!” Gwen yelled. “Is it that easy for you to suggest something like that to a woman?” She started to cry again.

Kayombo sighed heavily. “It’s not like that….” He tried to explain himself but he knew the damage was already done. Gwen had now reached the chorus of her crying melody. He got up from where he was seated and went to sit next to her.

“Gwen-“ Samuel tried to hold her hand but she pushed him away.

“I mean nothing to you now that this Alicia person has come into the picture right?” She sulked.

“I am sorry I said that,” Kayombo apologized. “I wasn’t thinking when-“

Gwen turned her whole body towards him. “I might not be sure what I want to do with this pregnancy but how can you so easily suggest something like that to me? Did you even love me?”

“Let’s not talk about that right now.” Samuel said. “Let’s not even panic. This is too early…perhaps it was a false positive. You can take another test after a couple of days to-“

“This is the fourth test I took this week!” Gwen yelled.

Kayombo looked horrified. “Fourth?” He asked.

“I kept hoping and praying that it was wrong but I was feeling so strange today that I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer.”

Samuel had nothing to say in response, his mind had travelled miles and disappeared into a world of chaos he could not seem to make sense of. Alicia was at the very top of that chaos. How could this be happening to him right now? He had just resolved to get over a love that was going nowhere so that he could pursue one that held promises of eternal happiness…how can this be happening right now? He kept asking himself.

All the while, Gwen had not taken her eyes off of him.

When Kayombo finally lifted his head up to look at Gwen, it was to say; “Tell me what you want to do and that’s what will happen.” He appeared drained of every life in him; his eyes heavy with emotion and his body positioned like a defeated man that had no hope of ever getting up.

“I told you, I don’t know.” Gwen answered. “I don’t want to abort but I am also scared of what will happen if I decide to keep it. I don’t want to lose Kondwani…he will leave me the moment he realizes what’s going on.”

“What if he says you won’t have to break up as long as you terminate it?” Kayombo asked.

Gwen looked at him quizzically.

“Everyone knows why he’s with you,” Samuel explained. “Why do you always act like you don’t know? As long as he can keep his pride and the money coming, that selfish bastard can forgive anything you do.”

“I don’t want to lose my baby.” Gwen said as she gently rubbed her hand over her stomach.

Kayombo gave her a look. “I thought you said-“

“I know what I said.” Gwen retorted. “What if this is the only child I ever get to have in this lifetime? I have never ever considered abortion.”

“How about I give you some time to think?” Kayombo suggested, getting up from the sofa with both hands in his pockets looking about ready to leave. “You can stay away from Kondwani in the meantime…as you think about what you will do. He is too clever to miss the signs.”

“You are leaving?” Gwen stood up. “Just like that?” She asked.

“What do you want me to do Gwen?” He raised his shoulders in wonder. “I have an early shift tomorrow I need to go and get some rest.”

“And yet you were on your way to see that stupid nurse.” She said under her breath but loud enough for him to hear.

“Have a good night Gwen.” Kayombo said and started towards the door.

“When are you going to get over your inferiority complex against Kondwani?” Gwen shouted to his back, and when Kayombo made no move to stop or respond, she added; “Isn’t that why you are going after that girl?”

Kayombo paused by the door, his hand place over the door knob and without turning to look at her he answered; “If there was ever a part of you that genuinely loved me, then you should be able to answer that question yourself.” He then opened the door and left.

Angry, Gwen grabbed the flower vase that was close to where she was standing and she flung I in the direction Samuel had been standing, shrieking at the top of her voice.

Hearing her cry, Kayombo stopped outside the door, shook his head and walked back to where his car was parked.
Three days passed and Samuel was yet to hear from Gwen the decision she had made concerning the pregnancy. During this time, he steered clear from Alicia, unable to master the strength to look her in the eye knowing what might happen if the truth between him and Gwen came out.

Even though Samuel felt entitled to Gwen’s love, he knew deep down his heart that whatever was going on between them was wrong and morally unacceptable. So many times he had tried to stop and walk away but Gwen kept coming back into his life. From the time he returned to Zambia, Gwen had proved herself to be his biggest weakness. Kondwani’s lack of affection towards her made things even harder for Kayombo. Every time Gwen felt rejected by the great doctor, it was to Kayombo she ran, over and over again.

Having loved Gwen for years, Samuel Kayombo came back home from his studies abroad hoping to rekindle his romance with the vivacious heiress. Their young romance had been forced to come to an abrupt end when he had to travel for school but Kayombo always held on to the hope of the two of them working out in the end…but that was until Kondwani appeared and put a whole new twist to their love plot. In time, Kayombo had come to fear, despise as well as respect Kondwani for his ability to win over women’s hearts despite the coldness of his own heart.

“Have you been avoiding me?” Alicia had sneaked up behind Kayombo who was walking towards his vehicle at lunch time ready to run away from the hospital.

“Alicia,” Kayombo said, stopping to address her. “Why would I be avoiding you?”

“I don’t know, you tell me.” She said, crossing her hands over her chest and looking up at him suspiciously.

“You know I joined the new research team recently so-“

“You did?” Alicia asked.

“You didn’t know?” He asked.


“Yes, that’s why I’ve become slightly expensive these days.”

“I wanted to ask what it was you wanted to talk to me about that night you called.” She reminded him.

“Oh, that….” Kayombo feigned a forgotten memory. “I was doing something at home when I came across some old pics of Nick and I…I don’t know what got into me but I found myself wanting to talk to you since you were the closest to him. I guess I just missed him….”

Alicia’s heart reached out to him, feeling his pain as much as he did. “Nicolas did tell me how close the two you were.” She said. “I can only imagine what it must feel like not having gotten a chance to say goodbye.”

The look in Alicia’s eyes immediately made Kayombo feel guilty for lying to her and bringing up her late boyfriend.
“Sometimes I also wake up in the middle of the night,” Alicia continued. “I get this stinging pain in my chest…thinking about the last thing I said to him. My last moment with him was an argument that shouldn’t have even taken place.” There were tears welled up in her eyes.

“I’m such a fool.” Kayombo said, his regret written all over his face. “I don’t know what I was thinking bringing up something like this.”

Alicia laughed softly and quickly pushed back her tears. “Are you having lunch out?” She asked.

“Yeah,” Kayombo answered. “I have to meet an old friend, away from the hospital. He’s just passing through town and he desperately wants me to meet his wife.”

“I’m sorry for-“ Alicia was forced to stop talking when she felt drops of water fall on her head and onto her shoulder. Her eyes shot up immediately, and so did Kayombo. They both gaped in shock when they saw Kondwani looking down at them from his office window, an empty glass of water in his hands.

“My bad!” He shouted. “Had no idea there was anyone down there, very sorry.”

Kayombo could only shake his head in disbelief while Alicia tried to shake the water from her hair using her hand.

“There’s no way that was a mistake.” Alicia said to Kayombo.

“You think?” Kayombo remarked, his eyes fiercely fixed on Kondwani whose facial expression looked nothing like a man sorry for his actions. If anything, he was smirking like he had just won a mysterious prize.

“I have to go.” Kayombo said. “I’ll see you later.”

“Okay.” Alicia said and turned to go back to the cafeteria where Evans and Caroline where waiting for her.

“What happened to you?” Caroline asked her friend the moment she joined them by the table. She was pointing to the part of Alicia’s uniform on her shoulder that was wet.

“I just paid the price for my foolishness.” Alicia said as she sat down and pulled her plate of pasta towards her.

“What do you mean?” Nurse Evans asked.

“Did Doctor Kayombo do that to you?” Caroline asked, her eyes blazing in fury and ready to fire away.

“Why would he do this to me?” Alicia asked.

“Wasn’t he the one you ran after just now?” Caroline asked.

“Yes, but he’s not the one who poured water on me. Now the both of you stop talking to me, I need to eat.” And she loaded her mouth with spaghetti so that she wouldn’t have to answer any more of her friend’s questions.

A few floors up from the cafeteria, Kondwani kept his gaze fixed on Kayombo’s vehicle until it disappeared through the gate, an angry expression on his face.

“Son of a bitch.” He cussed out loud and went to sit down. Now that the moment had passed, Kondwani replayed his actions a few minutes ago, cringing in embarrassment at his own childishness. Why had he poured water on them? Why did his heart darken the moment he saw the two of them talking?

Kondwani Chileshe lived his life in A’s and B’s, white and black. In his world, there was a plausible explanation for everything and if he couldn’t find one when he needed it, he was sure the answer would come to him in the near future. Unfortunately, from the moment Alicia came into his life, a lot of grey areas appeared and he found himself with too many options other than A and B to choose from. Still, he could not find the answers he so desperately sought.

He was busy reeling over his state of helplessness in matters to do with Alicia when a text came through his mobile phone. Thinking it was Gwen, he picked up his phone to check and found that it was his mother asking him not to forget to eat lunch. It was in that moment, with his phone in his hands that he realized it had been a while since he had heard from Gwen who previously had taken pleasure in being the reason behind his phone battery draining before it’s time.

Kondwani couldn’t help wondering about what could be happening with Gwen to cause her to stay away from him for three straight days and nights without personal contact. It was not like her. Fearing that she might have gone back to her rebellious ways when she tried to punish him by sleeping with Kayombo and pretending to have fallen back in love with him, Kondwani called his fiancé.

He called her, once, twice, thrice…and she still wasn’t answering. He tried a fourth time and when she still couldn’t answer, he followed her to her office. He knocked twice on her door and waited for a response but still, nothing came. Slowly, he opened the door and entered. Gwen was nowhere in sight. Her phone was lying on her desk.

Kondwani was about to turn back and leave when he heard a sound come from the bathroom. Like his executive office, Gwen’s office too had its own shower and bathroom. Kondwani followed the sounds until he found his fiancé kneeling on the toilet floor with her head down towards the toilet pan; she was throwing up.

“Gwen?” Kondwani called out to her.

Gwen who had been so wrapped up in her business quickly turned around and found Kondwani glaring down at her. She had not heard enter her office. Unconsciously and in her state of shock, Gwen’s hand went over her tammy…and so did Kondwani’s eyes.

“Were you throwing up?” He asked.

“When did you-“

“Answer me.” Kondwani said sharply. “Did you just throw up?” he was trying to look into the toilet but Gwen quickly flashed and brushed passed him out of the bathroom.

“What are you doing here?” Gwen asked, trying to busy herself behind her desk. “You’ve never voluntarily passed through my office.”

Kondwani rushed over to where she was and went straight for her eyes, examining them closely before Gwen pushed him away. “What do you think you are doing?” The petrification in her eyes and her whole demeanour was all Kondwani needed to confirm his suspicions.

“No,” Kondwani was shaking his head whilst looking at her. “You can’t…Gwen?”

Gwen admitted defeat a little too quickly, the pride she once held of her fiancé’s medical skills finally worked against her. How could she even imagine hiding something like that from him? In the end, she could only shake her head in anguish and cry.

Kondwani stormed out of her office and rushed back to his office. Gwen was following him closely behind.

“Kondwani-“She called out to him by the door as she closed it behind her. But Kondwano was not listening to her. He picked up his phone and called the man responsible for the mess.

“Yes doc,” Kayombo said when he answered the call after four rings.

“Tell me where you are and I will come there right now, unless you want to have this conversation right here at the office, your choice.”

“Kondwani,” Gwen tried to take the phone away from him but she was no match for his determined hands.

The moment Kayombo heard Gwen’s voice in the back ground; he knew his world had just turned upside-down. “I am at the Horse Shoe.” He politely informed his nemesis.

“Wait for me there.” Kondwani commanded and cut the line.

“What are you going to talk about?” Gwen asked.

Kondwani removed his coat and threw it on the chair. He grabbed his car keys and started walking towards the door. Gwen was following him closely behind. “I can explain this Kondwani.” She grabbed his hand and tried to pull him back, sobbing in desperation.

Kondwani suddenly stopped, grabbed her hand and pushed her to the side. “You disgust me.” He said, looking her straight in the eyes. “Did you have to go this far?”

“It was a mistake.” Gwen cried. “I don’t know how-“

Kondwani had no time to stand and listen to her. He turned and resumed walking. She followed him. Gwen ran ahead of him and went to stand in front of him right in front of the elevator. She was about to say something to him when the doors opened and five employees stepped out. Before they could all step out, Kondwani went in and pressed the button to close before Gwen could make her way passed the small crowd.

Kondwani found Kayombo waiting for him outside the restaurant, looking as guilty as any man in his position could ever be. Kondwani parked to the side, stepped out of the vehicle and took three long steps towards Kayombo. Kayombo did not need to ask what was about to happen because all of Kondwani’s intentions where written all over his face.

Kondwani’s punch almost sent Kayombo falling to the ground. Fortunately for the both of them, apart from the few cars approaching in both directions in the distance, there was no one around to bear witness to the men’s rivalry.

“Are you for real?” Kondwani asked Kayombo who appeared to be in no mood to retaliate. He had mentally prepared himself for the worst case scenario and all he could do was wait for it to happen. He could neither offer excuses nor put up a defence in his favour.

Kondwani punched him hard on the other cheek, this time Kayombo went down. The cars passing by slowed down as people took in the scene before them.

Kayombo picked himself up slowly. “I am sooo sorry.” He said, desperately avoiding his boss’ gaze as he picked himself up. “I don’t know-“

“You are sorry?” Kondwani scoffed. “You must think me a fool isn’t it?”

“There’s really nothing going on between Gwen and me.” Doctor Kayombo tried to explain.

“Then are you Joseph?” Kindwani asked. “Why is my fiancé in that condition? You must think me a fool Kayombo. Just because I allowed certain things to happen between the two of you does not mean I was not aware or that I didn’t care.

“I am very much aware of my own limitations and I allowed Gwen to indulge herself before our marriage because I know that I cannot give her certain things that she longs to have no matter how much time passes between us as a couple.

“Granted, it was foolish of me to allow another man to have my woman like that but I trusted that the two of you would control yourselves and know what’s good for the both of you in the end. If you stopped yourselves in time, then I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing in future.”

“I don’t know what to say.” Kayombo admitted. Indeed he had had no idea that Kondwani had willingly allowed him and Gwen to see each other behind his back like that. Samuel always thought that the man did not care whether his woman was faithful or not provided he still benefited from her the things he received by virtue of being with her. How was he to know that even his lazy attitude towards the knowledge of his fiancé’s affair was also one elaborate calculated risk on his part as well? Just how far would this man go to have his way?

“If you know what’s good for the both of you.” Kondwani continued. “You will handle this thing discreetly and save us all the embarrassment. No matter my ambition, I will not marry a woman that has another man’s child in her womb. This is the 21st century, not the 4th century.”

“You can’t be serious.” Kayombo said.

“Would you like me to demonstrate to you just how serious I am?” Kondwani asked. “Or tell me, are you planning on marrying her? And if your answer is yes, with whose permission, if I may ask? The things I can do to you are nothing compared to the things Miyoba would do to the man that’s interfering with his business investments.

People always make the mistake of thinking that I am the one that benefits most from our unholy union but they have no idea just how much money my talent and ambition is worth in the hands of such a man.”

Kayombo mulled over Kondwani’s words for a while, silently hating himself for his inability to operate at the same level as Kondwani despite the two of them being of the same age. Just how pitiful can a man get? How hopeless he felt every time he stood before this man.

“Don’t you even care about her feelings?” Kayombo asked. “This attitude of yours is the very reason we are in this situation in the first place.

Kondwani scoffed. “Are you trying to blame me for your decision to keep sleeping with my fiancé despite knowing that she was already taken? Between us there is a bigger fool and I can promise you that I am not the biggest. Are you planning on asking her to keep it?”

“I already told you, there’s nothing going on between Gwen and me, it’s all in the past. I already told her what I want but at the end of the day it’s up to her whether she keeps it or not.”

Kondwani passed is hand through his head frustratingly. “I thought she was the love of your life.” he said. “I expected more resistance from you than this…this attitude you are showing me today. Is this because of Alicia?”


“You are one to judge my intentions with Gwen as a man but you are no better Kayombo.” Kondwani accused. “You think I don’t know why you approached Alicia?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Kayombo denied it.

Kondwani laughed. “Are you planning on going after every woman in my life?”

“Woman in your life?” Kayombo looked at him disgustingly. “How is Alicia in your life?” He asked. “I knew Alicia way before you even knew of her existence. Stop acting like she is yours. Not every woman in this world would kill to have a chance to be with you.

“You might have taken Gwen away from me but I will never allow you to take any other woman from me Kondwani. You better stay away from Alicia. She does not need someone as miserable as you to mess up her simple life.”

Kondwani busted out laughing. “And you think that you are any better than me?” He asked his colleague. “You knocked up my fiancé and now you are chasing after another woman that appears to like me. Tell me, who is the monster between us?”

Having said his piece, Kondwani turned and went back to his car. He deliberately pressed his foot hard on the accelerator and almost ran over Kayombo as he got back onto the road, swerving in time to avoid actually hitting him.

Unable to contain his anger, Kondwani drove straight home instead of going back to the hospital. Alone in his house, He finally let out the anger he had been holding onto by smashing whatever he could get his hands on in the living room. In his anger, Kondwani failed to notice the piece of broken glass lying on the arm of the sofa that when he placed his right hand there to take a breather, the sharp edge dug a deep hole into the palm of his hand, causing him to shriek in pain as blood gushed out.

Just then, his phone started vinarating from his pocket. Unable to contain the pain, Kondwani ignored the call and rushed to the kitchen to grab a towel. He wrapped it around the injured area to contain the blood for a while as he attended to his phone.

“Yes,” He answered without checking, his face all wrinkled up in pain.

“Dr Chileshe,” It was Alicia. “Are you alright?” She had not missed the pain in his voice.

“I cannot talk right now,” Kondwani said as he positioned the phone on his ear and raised his shoulder to hold it in place while he used his left uninjured arm to reach out for the First Aid kit in one of the top kitchen cabinets. However, Kondwani had underestimated his own strength under such pain that he ended up spilling the contents of the box as he tried to get it down.

“Sir!” Alicia yelled when she heard the noise and heard him wince in pain. “Is everything okay? Where are you?”

Kondwani went down on his knees to pick up the things on the floor. “I am at home.” He said. “I think I could use your help right now.” He admitted defeat. “Can you get here right now?”

“I don’t know where you live Sir.” Alicia said.

“Huh?” Kondwani said, not sure why he found that surprising. “You have a pen?” He asked.

“Wait a second.” Alicia grabbed the pen in Caroline’s hand as she filled in her report for the day before her shift ended.

“Yes doc, I am on my way.” Alicia said once she had written down the address and she cut the line without asking any more questions.

“Are you going to his place?” Caroline asked with a mischievous grin playing on face.

“He sounds like he’s in pain.” Alicia explained as she changed from the white shoes she wore around the hospital to the black ones she wore when she knocked off. But she still left her nursing uniform on. She threw the shoes into her locker, grabbed her small bag which contained most of the things she might need in an emergency situation and she ran out of the locker room.

Kondwani opened the door for her twenty minutes later.

“What happened?” Alicia asked when she saw the kitchen towel on his hand partly soaked in blood and then she noticed the chaos in the room.

Kondwani went to sit down and he stretched out his hand for her to start working. Alicia went straight to work, keeping her mouth shut the whole time she attended to him.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what happened?” Kondwani asked, closely trying to study her face from where she was kneeling in front of him but Alicia kept her gaze fixed on the work at hand.

Once she was done with the bandage, she started putting back the things into her bag and got up from the floor. “It’s done,” she announced.

“Thanks,” Kondwani said, looking at his well bandaged hand. “Are you are very quick.”

“It’s my job.” Alicia said, her eyes going over her surroundings. She put her bag down on the living room table and started picking up the things on the floor.

“What are you doing?” Kondwani asked, his eyes widening in surprise at her unexpected behaviour.

“I don’t think you are in any position to keep this up otherwise you might end up injuring yourself some more.” She carefully started picking up the big chunks of broken glass on the floor, separating them from the tiny ones. “I need a broom and-“

“The maid will be here tomorrow morning.” Kondwani said. “She will clean up the whole place. Get up.” He tried to grab hold of her arm with his uninjured hand so he could help up but Alicia got up on her own.

“Where’s the kitchen?” She asked. “This way, right?” She pointed in the right direction and headed straight there before Kondwani could say anything in protest. She appeared a minute later with a dust pan and a brush in her hands.

She was about to bend over when Kondwani pulled her away suddenly that she found herself nestled up against his chest trying to keep her balance, her face just a few inches away from his.

Alicia immediately lowered her gaze and tried to step away from him but Kondwani’s injured arm was wrapped tightly around her and he drew her even closer when he felt her try to move.

“Stay. Here. For. A. Second.” Kondwani said as he looked her straight in the eyes, pausing at every word in his sentence like a man not sure of what to say in such a situation.

“I ca-“ Alicia tried to protest but Kondwani was too quick for her.

“I’m sorry,” He said and immediately went for her lips, giving her no warning or time to get in a word.

Before Alicia knew it, Kondwani was kissing her, deep and hard like a man deprived of intimacy for a very long time. The last thing she heard was the sound of his heart beating hard against her, right after she heard the dust pan and floor brush that had been in her hand fall on the carpet.

Time froze.


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  3. Deborah says:

    hahahaha! me ine Am not decided on who’s team Am on…but, I do like how Linden just had a way of paralyzing Anisha ‘s defence s…I think both Kondwani and Kayombo are good guys caught in a fix.


  4. Henry says:

    I cant begin to announce my suspence at such an ending… Just what in the name of love does Kondwani have in him? I just love this. eba starring aba… ewabako. Team K’n’A.


  5. Lily says:

    Wani for me…he’s arrogant and all but everyone deserves love….atleast he’s in love after a long time…kkkkkkkk
    NYC one Anisha…u rock


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