Deviled Eggs – The Sweet Chilli Ground Beef Experiment

Anyone that knows me well knows I don’t like eating the same type of food over and over again. There’s a place I know where they prepare chicken the same type of way every week and I always feel full even before eating it. Makes life feel rather drab. However, I do rather find it amazing that the chef there has managed to maintain the exact ‘not so exciting’ taste every single time!  Continue reading


I am not my past…or am I?


picture this; an impeccably dressed young man walks into the boardroom ready to give his address. Let’s give him the name John, i mean, why not?

John is visibly nervous despite having spent the last three months preparing for the topic he’s about to present. He’s got over ten years experience in this field and his audience is made up of his peers, some of whom he went to high school with! So why is he running a storm of sweat under his shirt? He nervously clears his throat for what seems like forever before finally speaking. Continue reading