Deviled Eggs – The Sweet Chilli Ground Beef Experiment

Anyone that knows me well knows I don’t like eating the same type of food over and over again. There’s a place I know where they prepare chicken the same type of way every week and I always feel full even before eating it. Makes life feel rather drab. However, I do rather find it amazing that the chef there has managed to maintain the exact ‘not so exciting’ taste every single time! 

Of course there are those special kind of meals one looks forward to because of their specific special taste, like the avocado salad I once had at Zoran Cafe up at Levy Mall some six or so months ago gosh! To this day I still remember that ambrosial taste and every time I visit some local restaurant and order a salad, I kind of expect to drown myself in that familiar delectable savoury taste but alas! It was the best avocado salad I ever tasted in Zambia and I doubt I will ever feel that high again because experience tells me those kinds of tastes only come once in a lifetime. God gracious I do hope am wrong!

For my weekend experiment this time around, I thought I try preparing mince with a twist…because you know, there are always a thousand ways of preparing meat. For someone who hated cooking a few years ago, I think I am slowly starting to get a handle of a few things around the kitchen…although I only did find out later after cutting the eggs for the devile mix that I needed to cut them length-wise and not the way I did them! haha. I still have a long way to go believe me.

I needed to prepare food for some folks to eat at church on Sunday but I was operating on a tight budget so I went into my freezer and the first thing I spotted was the ground beef, jackpot! Next question naturally was; how do i make this interesting? And the following came to mind:

  • Black pepper, yellow pepper, green pepper ( I like colour in my food!)
  • Sweet chilli ( I didn’t want to go for the obvious tomato mix like we traditionally do)
  • Eggs ( I already had the image in mind)
  • A mix of whatever spice I like in my rack
  • Of course I would have preferred olive oil for the fry but…tight budget I said. hehe

I was done in less than an hour!


It does look edible…right?

I rate myself 4 out of 5 for this weekend’s experiment…the negative 1 obviously going towards the wrong cut of the eggs (really had a hard time placing them on the plate! *facepalm*) but the next time I prepare this it’s gonna be at a pro-level! And am told the taste was delicioso, hence the 4. hehe

I am already excited for my next experiment, wonder what poison I will come up with. 😉




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