An Invitation to Sin

White, black or grey

Maybe it’s blue but it could be green too
Seventy shades of sin I’ve come to call him
No not Christian Grey but he is a Christian Guy
He could be David…through Bathsheba lens
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The Woman I Wish You Were

I wish you would stop pretending.

Pretending that everything is okay when it feels like your world is crumbling down around you. I wish you could stop acting like a superwoman and just fall down and cry. I wish you could just let it all out and tell the world how tired you are. I wish that for once you would stop putting everyone ahead of yourself…just once…that you could put yourself first and just love yourself before you attempt to love anyone else. I wish you could stop for a minute, look into the mirror and realize just how different the woman looking back at you is from the woman you ought to be. For once, just this once, I wish you would not give a dame and just run wild, run to that place in your heart that you buried the day you decided it was okay to not be happy. I wish that for once, you would stop pretending to be happy and actually be happy. Continue reading

A Course in African Civilization for the ‘Kangnams’ of the World

So last night I was browsing through my Facebook feed when I came across a post from a page I follow religiously called Allkpop when I saw something that shocked me. As most of my close friends know am a huge fan of Korean dramas and kpop and I’ll be the first to admit my shameless crushes of three perfect talented human specimen; Lee Jong-suk (Pinocchio, W), Kim Soo Hyun (You from Another Star) and every now and then Lee Minho (Heirs). 🙂

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The Day I hated Being a Woman

It was somewhere around the beginning of this year (I think) when I found myself sitting in the office of one of the top government institutions waiting to be interviewed by a man who in that moment had the power to make or break me in my path as a rising entrepreneur.  Continue reading

A Day at the Arts & Crafts Market in Pictures

There are so many arts and crafts stores and markets in my hometown Lusaka but the one that stood out for me is the Kabwata Cultural Village. I came across this little beautiful paradise when I was working on one of my freelance projects on local arts and crafts. I have been in-love since then.

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