An Invitation to Sin

White, black or grey

Maybe it’s blue but it could be green too
Seventy shades of sin I’ve come to call him
No not Christian Grey but he is a Christian Guy
He could be David…through Bathsheba lens
Behold, his ravishing smile piercing holes through his armor of gold
A prince, not by birth but through death
Glistering full moon-like eyes laced with visions of conquests
Of fish fresh out of water enchanted by his shimmering heavenly robes
Watch as his sword sweats of their evangelical innocence
Momentarily entranced to forget that which attracted them to him in the first place
He beckons them with promises of everlasting lust
Fire! He shouts as he lays hands on them
And in them his ghost enters
A throbing hotness of hellish hardness
Slowly but surely robbing them of a promised eternity by the very tongue and hands that once brought him  and them to the alter
When his ears could no longer hear
A faith bruised and battered
By his tantalizing psalms of fruits forbidden
Beckoning every maiden in sight
To dance on the wings of the wicked one
Look now! My number is up, yet again
“Come, sin with me” he beckons me for the seventh time
But Me thinks it’s been seventy times seven already
When I’d have to forgive yet another invitation to Sin

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