January 2018: Listening to Mampi – Nyula Yako

So I made a resolution to post more about Zambian music in 2018 and Mampi just happened to be my first artist because her latest song Nyula Yako was the first video I came across last week on Facebook during my first browse of the year!

I have been away from home for a while now (feels like forever really) so am starting to miss some local stuff…like Zambian music. Good thing is that every now and then my Canadian family plays some tunes and we all get down to dance. And boy am I so glad to have Mampi’s latest hit track on my Canadian playlist.

For a while, I had stopped listening to Zambian music due to the excessive use of autotune in most of the productions but Mampi is one of those artists with an actual singing voice. She can sing well unplugged, she’s super talented and dedicated to her craft, and like me she’s a female hustler so yay! And let’s not forget, she has haters! hahaha. Y’all know the moment a queen got haters, then she’s killing it somewhere otherwise they wouldn’t be hatin tryna ride off her wave of success. Umhu. Girrrl. 😉

I love her voice in this one, it’s raw, it’s authentic and it’s beautiful. Plus, she’s rocking the queenly look in here people, super hot! Video quality is great and as a fashion designer, I appreciate the concept of the video which absolutely suits the message of the track both literally and figuratively.

Please note I have no rights to this video and am only sharing it for entertainment purposes. You can check out the rest of Mampi’s work on her Facebook Page: Mampi Queen Diva or her YouTube Channel: Mampi Zambia Official.


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