My name is Anisha. I breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon dioxide. My metabolism operates at the same rate as the fastest snail out there but strangely enough, am as fit and beautiful as the Lord intended. 😊😀 I blog about almost everything around me and anything that interests me, from life, movies, music, books, fiction, poetry, culture, feminism, fashion, and every other little thing that makes life worth living.

I study foreign languages for fun, I take thousands of selfies when am in a good mood, I am addicted to Korean dramas (I actually collect them! Please don’t judge hehehe)I Love to take pictures of nature and anything I find interesting around me, I enjoy long drives to nowhere, long walks, music addict, hopeless romantic and every now and then I find myself looking forward to picnics with friends, I enjoy goofing around with my sisters Thandiwe and Eve – my two best friends to the moon and back!

Despite the storms I’ve faced so far and the ones am likely to face in future, I intend to live my life in full living colours, so…..

Welcome to my amazing World! 😍😘