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The Noise in the Silence

There’s a bench in the park that’s keeping all of my secrets

On it lies the things I have seen with my ears and the things I have heard with my eyes

On that bench I watch things

Most days I watch humans Continue reading The Noise in the Silence


An Invitation to Sin

White, black or grey

Maybe it’s blue but it could be green too
Seventy shades of sin I’ve come to call him
No not Christian Grey but he is a Christian Guy
He could be David…through Bathsheba lens
Behold, his ravishing smile piercing holes through his armor of gold Continue reading An Invitation to Sin


The Woman I Wish You Were

I wish you would stop pretending.

Pretending that everything is okay when it feels like your world is crumbling down around you. I wish you could stop acting like a superwoman and just fall down and cry. I wish you could just let it all out and tell the world how tired you are. I wish that for once you would stop putting everyone ahead of yourself…just once…that you could put yourself first and just love yourself before you attempt to love anyone else. I wish you could stop for a minute, look into the mirror and realize just how different the woman looking back at you is from the woman you ought to be. For once, just this once, I wish you would not give a dame and just run wild, run to that place in your heart that you buriedΒ the day you decided it was okay to not be happy. I wish that for once, you would stop pretending to be happy and actually be happy. Continue reading The Woman I Wish You Were


Whispered Confessions

Fleeting memories from a past forgotten
Resurrected by whispered confessions
Like the second glance you give a stranger
A gaze frozen in time
On sensuous lips inviting
They speak to me
About wine flavoured secrets
And rosemary scented sheets
A fallen angel
Yearning and pleading
Kiss me


Escape from Love

He’s a gem of a man, behold!
Arrogant but shy
Charming by the day
But a devil in the night

He’s fluent in the languages of love, lust, loneliness and heartbreak
His lips whisper promises of ectasy and boundless liquid pleasure

Reality he grapples with
Fantasy he embraces
Time he hates

His world is a facade of castles and kingdoms
With marble walls and glass doors
A mirage of sorts;
He the king and I his queen

His mind is a dome of complexity
It speaks of love in the morning
And lust in the evenings

But love I’ve had and want no more
A prisoner of lust am bound by choice
I seek no more and I desire not his heart
….Or anyone else’s

Escape is my precedence
And he…a fortunate accident
But wait,
Did i just stutter?




Memories defiled and reality robbed

I await the leaves to fall…so my flowers can bloom

Perchance, hope looms under this doom.