Sons of Victor – Chapter Seven

September, 1992

There are two kinds of Eros love; reciprocated love, and one sided love. At some point or another, the average human has experienced at least one of these. Those that are lucky have experienced both. For Shelly Manase, it had always been the latter.

Shelly first met William Mwanza when she was five years old. It was a day she would remember for the rest of her life because for the first time ever, she fell in love with a boy. Even at five years old, Shelly could tell that William was different from all the other boys she had ever met. He was the first one who looked displeased at being forced to hang out with her. The other kids always did it happily, even when she was not interested in being friends with them. It would take a few more years for the girl to understand why parents kept visiting her home and insisting that she play with their irritating kids, sometimes even when her own parents disapproved.

It was the magnetic Manase money.

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The Life Series, Vol 1: The Passenger

(Short stories – light non-complex reads- I write in between major writing projects to entertain my loyal readers. Enjoy the first story in this series.)


With only a few minutes to 11 o’clock, Mrs Mwansa managed to secure a seat on the Power Tools Bus headed for Ndola from Lusaka. Just a couple of hours before, she had just been through what she had come to conclude the worst experience of her life. A lot of things could have gone wrong, worst of all, her death. Fortunately for her, it had only ended as a robbery, a gruesome and very violent one. Never before had she appreciated the ability to breath in and out so easily without any form of restraint. Continue reading