On Days Like These

On most days I needed him
Not in the way people need water, or food, or oxygen
I needed him like I needed tomorrow
Something I had no control over, yet I longed to behold desperately

On certain days I wanted him
Not in the way people want chocolate, or cars, or beer
I wanted him like I wanted yesterday
Something I had already had, but pined to have repeatedly

On days like today I’m drawn to him
Not in the way people are drawn to familiar places or things
I’m drawn to him like a magnet
Like a last piece of a puzzle that knows exactly where it belongs

Everyday I fall for him
Not in the way people fallĀ  for deceptions or illusions
I’m falling because it’s that easy
Like two hearts in sync and forever tuned to lover’s songs

Whispered Confessions

Fleeting memories from a past forgotten
Resurrected by whispered confessions
Like the second glance you give a stranger
A gaze frozen in time
On sensuous lips inviting
They speak to me
About wine flavoured secrets
And rosemary scented sheets
A fallen angel
Yearning and pleading
Kiss me